Active Release Technique Greenville SC

Active Release Techniques in Greenville SC or ART is a myofascial release technique that utilizes patient movement to treat problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.

What conditions are treated with ART in Greenville SC?

Like the Graston Technique, ART is very successful at alleviating pain associated with acute and chronic soft tissue disorders. ART is a system that utilizes over 500 protocols that vary based on the practitioner's hand placement and patient movement and are each specific for the muscle or entrapment being treated. Through ART, soft tissue movement and gliding is enhanced, which releases nerve entrapments and leads to decreased pain and improved quality of movement. It was developed by Dr. Mike Leahy, a sports chiropractor in Colorado Springs, CO. Dr. Leahy recognized that high repetition, low force movements such as typing, and abnormal posture can cause as much damage to tissue as low repetition, high force injuries like a car accident. ART at Popwell-Scota Spine Center in Greenville can be used alone or in conjunction with other soft tissue treatments like Graston, trigger point therapy or massage, and like Graston, custom stretching and strengthening exercises will aid in your recovery. Many of the same conditions treated with Graston can also be resolved with Active Release Techniques. ART and Graston are utilized by numerous professional and collegiate sports teams, because of their effectiveness. ART is the official soft tissue care program for Ironman athletes during race week.


There are over 6000 ART practitioners world-wide working in a variety of settings. Providers must pass certifications for each area of treatment (spine, upper extremity, lower extremity, and nerve entrapments). Dr. Scota is one of a few certified ART practitioners in the upstate and south of Asheville and Greenville.


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